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All vendors are required to be members in good standing following the SHARES participation outlined below.


Major meter manufacturers: $650.00 annual dues.

All other manufacturers: $350.00 annual dues.

All manufacturers reps and all distributors: $200.00 annual dues.


This annual membership fee will be required within 90 days of receipt of letter from SWEMA treasurer, Calvin Hendricks (Bryan Texas Utilities).

Pay your vendor dues here


NOTE: Tables at the meter school in the fall will not be available to those who are not in good standing.


Where does the money go?


Almost all of the funds are used to provide hospitality as listed below.


Spring meeting. On Monday evening the vendors hold a reception at the hotel or a suitable off-site venue. You and your guests will enjoy a less formal opportunity to visit the SWEMA members and other utility guests and other vendor friends and talk business or just socially hang out .


In the fall meter school the vendors provide hospitality at the host hotel so all students and instructors and vendors can have a safe good time. We provide fajitas one night and a great Texas size rib dinner another night. The room is open all evenings with snacks and beverages.


Over the years we have discontinued the expense of individual hospitality rooms and have done the joint participation and it has proven to be very successful. We would appreciate all vendors compliance with these guidelines.


We want everyone to get a good return on investments for these activities and will take all suggestions to the committee for review.


The whole thing works when everyone does their part to keep it going.


Thanks to all vendors for the continued support and we look forward to seeing you in the spring.

Please contact one of your vendor representative listed below with questions or concerns.


Roger Bolin

Allegiant Utility Services

Ph: 737.346.7358



Kevin Farrell

Ph: 267.799.9075

If you need to ship equipment for the meter school, please ship to the following:

         Brazos County Expo Complex
         5827 Leonard Rd - FM 1688
         Bryan, TX 77807
         Phone: (979) 823-3976

Shipments must be scheduled to arrive after October 17th. They also need to reference SWEMA in the ship to address so they can be quickly and easily identified. Packages shipping out will need to be labeled and a pick up must be requested from the shipping company prior to the vendor leaving. All shipments will need to be picked up prior to Friday, the 25th.

Please read the Exhibit Hall Vendor and Exhibitor Policies


Exhibit Hall Vendor and Exhibitor Policies