SWEMA Texas Meter School

Leading program of its kind


For Metering Professionals

The annual SWEMA Texas Meter School attracts metering professionals from across the United States. It's the leading program of its kind.

SWEMA manages this week-long program in partnership with utilities, equipment manufacturers and suppliers. Our partners provide expert instructors and regularly monitor and update the curriculum. The registration includes lunch for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Take a look at the menu!

The School meets every fall in Bryan, TX.


Course I -   $295

Course II -  $295

Course III - $295

Course IV - $295


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“Updated Hands-on Lab PPE Requirements”

SWEMA takes our instructors’ and students’ safety seriously! Instructors and students attending Course 1, Course 2, and Course 3 will be required to wear the PPE listed below while participating in the hands-on labs. The PPE listed below outlines minimum requirements mandated by the latest OSHA Regulations updated April 1, 2015. If your company requires additional PPE over and above that listed below you will need to bring the additional PPE with you and use as required. If you are not issued PPE by your company SWEMA will provide the required PPE so you can participate in the hands-on labs included in your course.

Course 1;

hard hat, safety glasses, class 0 rubber gloves with leather protectors, FR long-sleeve shirt, work gloves

Course 2;

hard hat, safety glasses, class 0 rubber gloves with leather protectors, FR long-sleeve shirt, FR pants, work gloves

Course 3;

work gloves

Course 4;

no PPE required

***Register early as classes fill up fast!***

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"First off I will state that it exceeded my expectations. I found the subject matter hit what I was after in the school; everything from mechanical meters to solid state meters. The variety of instructors (vendor and utility representation) enhanced the experience as each one gave real life examples in regard to the material they were presenting. There seemed to be ample time to cover each subject and I was amazed at how things stayed on track, kudos!!" - Eric Lambert